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If you are in the market for furniture, don't go to the BIG BOX STORES full of furniture made in other countries out of "fall aparticle board"!! 

We believe YOU DO KNOW BETTER than that.
   About Us
        Stephen C. Staples produces eclectic, unique, timeless, environmentally-friendly furniture art crafted from 200 and 300 year-old reclaimed wood.  Owner with his wife Christine, master craftsman and furniture designer, Stephen has spent over four decades studying his medium, refining and perfecting his finishes and mastering his craft.  Today he produces some of the most unique and sought-after creative art furniture in the country.

        The wood that Staples reclaims offers not only incomparable beauty, but each board holds its own story having survived the rigors of time.  The heirloom quality furniture that Staples creates adds a lasting legacy to this historic wood.  Each of his creations is paper labeled, signed and dated and then he adds his unique signet mark on the surface.


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Creative Art Furniture specializes in reclaiming old wood and antique artifacts from early New England homesteads and factories to create art furniture that is timeless, authentic, functional, unique and beautiful.  pinwheel signetWe breathe new life into these materials while presenting the aged and worn surfaces so their history will live on for many future generations.  Salvaging our past for future green generations. . .

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Creative Art Furniture

20 John Williams Street

Attleboro, MA, 02703.

Phone Number: 508-222-7200

Open Tuesdays through Saturday 11 am to 4:30 pm

 Closed Sundays and Mondays

 Green Builders

Shop and showroom Exit 3 off Route 95 toward Attleboro


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